In nearly every case of a person or an organisation that has gone on to inspire people and do great things, there exists this special partnership between WHY and HOW.

You may have guessed by now that we love a Simon Sinek quote. And this one was pleasingly reassuring to read, some months after Andy and Louise had started delivering a "Safety: How and Why?" session for clients.

Andy covers "How?". Louise covers "Why?". At the heart of the session is Michael's Story.

And together, it inspires leadership and management teams to do more, reinvigorating safety efforts, and encouraging workers to speak up where something's not right.



But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a recent client had to say about the session…



I have been privileged to work with Andy and Louise for many years through my experiences across major defence sites within the UK and as such had no hesitation in turning to Andy when looking to develop a recent safety culture improvement programme. 

Andy Forbes has a long pedigree in working collaboratively across multiple organisations within the Defence Sector and over many years worked very closely with Louise Adamson (Taggart) to help blend a key message around both the how and why of safety behaviours and leadership.

Andy and Louise talk from personal experience, this is not just theory, this is real life, this is many years of a safety improvement journey which explains the ‘how’ and a hugely tragic and thought-provoking insight from Louise which brings to life the ‘why’. 

Both perspectives capture the challenges of making a step change in behavioural safety within the workplace and indeed the potential consequences if we collectively don’t achieve this.

I would also add that the blend of Andy and Louise is incredibly powerful, Andy provides a lifetime experience from apprentice to Safety Executive which is delivered with a unique style which resonates hugely with any audience at any level of an organisation, an experience I can testify to whilst being surrounded by numerous senior RN dignitaries who all to a person appreciate Andy’s authentic ‘layman’ style of delivery. 

Contrast this with the personal courage and passion with which Louise presents Michael’s story, the tragic story of her brother’s untimely death as a result of workplace safety negligence which is hugely impactful to everyone who attends, a unique insight into the consequences and impact of safety failings.

Both Andy and Louise are the ultimate professionals who fundamentally care deeply about people, their safety and how organisations can make it safer for their employees to go home safe every day and I would highly recommend their support on any future behavioural safety journey.

Grant Steven - Babcock Warships Delivery Director

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Yes.  Like most people sadly we cannot offer many of our services at present. 

We have, however, launched new online services to ensure this important message can still be delivered.  

Our Safety: The How and Why offering, can be delivered live via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other platforms, to your entire workforce. 

We will ask to see your COVID-19 risk assessment for in-person delivery requests.  And also if there is an intention to bring a group of people together to watch an on-screen delivery. 

Normally the answer would be a resounding “Yes!” Louise and Andy have spent a lot of time in airports, train stations and hire car booths while travelling around the UK, but also extensively in Europe and even to China (Andy) and Australia (Louise).

But, let’s face it, times are far from normal!  So, we will do what we can within current COVID-19 travel restrictions.  And have our online offerings available where travel is not possible.  

Believe us when we say the tech was a worry for us too at the start.  But, we’ve cracked it. 

We have an ethernet connection to an M350 Fibre Broadband connection, a HD webcam, a Blue Yeti podcast mic, and lighting that would put Blackpool illuminations to shame.  

Before finalising any booking, we would run through a tech test (more than one if needs be), to ensure all will run smoothly on the day.  

You’ll appreciate that it can be quite emotionally draining for Louise, so the maximum number of presentations we will deliver in a day is 2, with a decent break between them. 

Where in-person presentations are to be booked, Louise and Andy can also stay for more than one day where further presentations are required, or where you would like to include Safety Walkrounds as an additional service (again…COVID restrictions permitting!)

Of course.  We have previously operated Framework Agreements with other organisations, which have included, for example, a certain number of sessions of Michael’s Story, Mock Trial Workshops, Safety Walkrounds, and involvement in an Electrical Safety Working Group. 

If you feel that Safety: How and Why could support your organisation’s safety journey, please get in touch.  Andy is likely to have been where you are at some point over his career, and is more than happy to help give advice on achieving the best structure for your intended purpose. 

For in-person delivery, the optimal numbers are usually between 50 and 150.  But, with physical distancing to take into account, that is likely to be reduced substantially.  

Louise has delivered to anything between 3 and 900 people at a time in the past.  

For on-screen delivery, you will want to consider the capacity of your IT systems, particularly if people are accessing on-site.  


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