Louise Adamson

Louise Adamson Safety Speaker

Louise had a successful career as an employment lawyer, working for a top Scottish legal firm, before her wee brother’s death turned her attentions to the world of health and safety.

Through school, university and beyond, she had “the fear” when it came to public speaking.  But, speaking to the hundreds upon hundreds who attended Michael’s funeral meant she’d never again be scared to stand in front of an audience ever again. 

She now uses the skills she learned in her role as a professional support lawyer, and combines them with the strong voice she has discovered, applying them in the health and safety field, seeking to ensure others are able to head home safe to their loved ones at the end of each and every working day or night.    

Louise is also a trustee of health and safety charity Scottish Hazards, and works to secure long-term funding for a health and safety advice, training and support service for workers. Her primary aim in all she does is to stop anyone else from losing their life or their loved one in a preventable workplace incident. 

She is a NEBOSH Ambassador, was named the “Most Influential Person in Health and Safety in the UK” by Safety and Health Practitioner in 2018 and received the REHIS Meritorious Endeavours Award 2019. In 2023 she was awarded an Honorary NEBOSH Diploma.  

Louise lives in Edinburgh with her two young sons. She enjoys a long walk, an increasingly lengthy cycle, regular HIIT classes at the gym, and weekly 5-aside football. 

Michael Adamson

Our team wouldn’t be complete without Michael Adamson, Louise’s wee brother, whose story she tells.  

Michael was a son, brother and a fiancé who didn’t live to become an uncle, a husband, or a dad, all of which he would have been bloody brilliant at. He was 26 years old when he died.   

“A big bundle of fun & the most genuine of guys you could ever meet. He will always be remembered as the guy that bounced in and out of peoples’ homes, workplaces and wherever he was, with a cheeky smile, his usual banter and without a care in the world. He was the best friend anyone could hope for – kind, considerate and thought of everyone else before himself, and he was simply my best buddy.”  The words of his best friend, delivering his eulogy at his funeral. 

He was a keen golfer, a Hearts fan, and the best of laughs (well, he’d have to be, what with being a Jambo and all!). He could be a bit of a feartie growing up – ask Louise about the roller coaster incident! 

But he had grown to be the one you knew you could rely on in times of crisis.

His legacy deserves to live long.