A fresh pair of eyes and ears...

Have you walked into a part of your organisation you've not visited before, or a site you've not visited for a while, and had cause to stop in your tracks because some aspect of the work environment has made you go: "what the actual ****?!"

We hear it often. People become so used to their surroundings, which have maybe changed incrementally over time, that they have stopped seeing the hazards. Or else, they’ve stopped appreciating fully the level of risk.

It’s to be hoped that you will have regular safety walkrounds by senior members of management. And that you will have regular workplace inspections by which include the involvement of trade union safety representatives. Even better, if you have joint walkrounds, tours, inspections, conversations, etc.

But what might a completely fresh pair of eyes and ears pick up?

Having another set of eyes cast a glance over high-risk projects or even just standard working procedures, can often be enlightening. At Michael’s Story our drive is for continual improvement and learning from experience…unfortunately in this case the death of Michael Adamson, Louise’s wee brother.

To achieve this goal, we can help others take onboard that:

  • Safety is not about statistics; it’s about looking after yourself and others.
  • It’s caring about how you deliver and not what you deliver.
  • It’s more about setting an example to those working at your site…not just talking about it.
  • Never becoming complacent – it’s not about how good you have been in the past, it’s about how safe you can be in the future. 
  • It’s not walking past an unsafe act, it’s about intervening



Make a booking on your preferred date (send a “get in touch” message above and we’ll make all the arrangements). 


Louise will visit your site(s) and do a detailed walkround, chat to staff and observe working procedures. 


A report will be created with their findings along with suggestions on actionable improvements.  


We will subsequently arrange a virtual catch-up to check on progress, and discuss any additional issues needing support.  

What experience do you have?

Louise was initially asked to carry out walkrounds at Babcock following the presentation of Michael’s Story – this action was successful in achieving three clear objectives:

  • To help gain widespread commitment and recognition of what “real” health and safety is.
  • To help motivate those within any health and safety system as to how they can contribute to an improved health and safety performance and culture.
  • To reaffirm the empowerment for the workforce to speak up if they feel unsafe or intervene if they see something that is considered unsafe. 

She has since gone on to carry out safety walkrounds for BAE Systems at both Scotstoun and Govan.

She’s not afraid to ask the daft questions. And would be keen to engage in conversations with all levels of your workforce including your shift workers and those who work short and compressed hours often referred to as weekend warriors.

Fancy a chat?

If you’re interested in a number of our services, why not drop us a note and we will give you a call to run through your requirements and tailor a solution?