On-Screen Delivery

Can you deliver Michael's Story via video link? Yes, absolutely, and Louise regularly does.

But prior to the pandemic, the answer would have been a no, because it couldn't possibly be as powerful...or could it?

The pandemic necessitated a move to on-screen delivery, and it was proven that it could be just as powerful.

And it remains the delivery mode of choice for many clients, for a variety of reasons.

Bringing together teams from across the UK in one location can be costly both from a time perspective, and in travel and accommodation outlays. On-screen delivery can therefore get the message across, cutting down unnecessary travel.

Clients conscious of the need to cut down on their environmental impact may also seek to have Louise present on-screen, instead of travel to their location.

Below is an example of how Louise presents. She doesn't screenshare her slides. She doesn't use a green screen. She stands in front of her slides and presents as if she was in the room, adding to the power of this mode of delivery.

What do clients say?

  • “Brilliant. I have seen Louise’s presentation before, but it is just as powerful.”
  • “Excellent and articulate…Louise was absolutely brilliant and I was woke back up to the health and safety parameters we need to keep in focus.” 
  • “Perfect…A very powerful and hard hitting webinar.”#
  • “One of the best presentations by a speaker I have experienced in a long time…Thank you Louise for sharing Michael’s story, please keep doing these presentations you are sending a very powerful message.”
  • “I’ve not seen anyone present like that (standing in front of a screen) in an online event, but it is really effective.”

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Questions you might have

Believe Louise when she says the tech was a worry for her too at the start.  But, she’s cracked it. 

She has an ethernet connection to an M350 Fibre Broadband connection, a HD webcam, a Blue Yeti podcast mic, and lighting that would put Blackpool illuminations to shame.  

Before finalising any booking, she would run through a tech test (more than one if needs be), to help ensure all will run smoothly on the day.  

You’ll appreciate that it can be quite emotionally draining for Louise, so the maximum number of presentations we will deliver in a day is 2, with a decent break between them. 

For on-screen delivery, you will want to consider the capacity of your IT systems, particularly if people are accessing on-site.  


On-Screen Delivery


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